Honda Power Equipment


Honda is a well-known brand that exists throughout the world today- maintaining its excellent reputation of being the best at what they do. This is why you should choose this brand:

  1. Quality Assurance

    Honda has a globally recognized standard, certifying itself with the highest certification which ensures that quality and assurance is at the top of its mandate…

    • ISO 9001- An international quality control and quality assurance standard
    • ISO/TS16949- An international quality management system standard for automotive industry.
  2. Innovation & Technological Advancement

    Honda delivers just what it promises. Apart from being the #1 in the industry, it always seeks to revolutionize the product they supply us with by making the newer models more innovative,  and technologically advanced.

  3. Excellent Aftersales Care

    At Marics, we not only sell you a Honda product, we guarantee superior aftersales services in makingGenuine Honda spares, both readily accessible (and available), and also by providing a well-equipped service centre that can take care of any job you may have.

    Every customer is treated equally, and by providing these  options we are confident that you (the customer) will benefit tremendously as well as our company.

  4. Honda’s History

    Honda is undoubtedly the best you can ever find due to its long years of experiences. Since the early nineteenth century, Honda has begun a revolution that continues to evolve every day.

    Built with the latest technology and the best certified parts, Honda stood the test of time and hasn’t given up on this journey. So why choose anything else, when a Honda is here to stay! 

  5. Marics’ Promise

    Our company promise that every one of our customers will have the “Honda Power of Dreams” experience regardless of the commodity you buy. We take into consideration the feedbacks we have received and work along with Honda to ensure that what we offer is nothing but exceptional in every area of service. A promise we will keep!