Honda Motorcycles


Don’t accept life for what it throws at you… Enjoy life to the fullest with the Honda CBR250R motorcycle. It’s lightweight, stylish, smart, convenient and best of all affordable! Its fuel injection system allows you to save a lot on gas while giving you the comfort of a user-friendly two-wheel bike, and since it is a HONDA, you know the durability is also there. Undoubtedly, the best within its’ range!


Honda CB500F is nothing short of exceptional class and beauty! This 471cc image-conscious sportbike gives riders the option to experience a world of untouched power in both performance and versatility.Its parallel twin cylinder engine allows you to tap into its true potentials while affording a comfortable ride around the city. An excellent choice for riders who want to elevate to a higher displacement.


Designed with Honda’s renowned quality and durability, this 125cc city bike is ideal for riders looking for a reliable, fuel efficient machine that takes you there at the right time… Its sporty looks and special front cover give you the safety you need while riding. You will also get the chance to experience the true definition of a ‘smooth ride’ due to its innovative shocks that is known to provide much comfort to riders.


This new addition to the Honda line is rated as one of the best 125cc motorcycles with its impressive looks, fuel economy and generally, its excellent performance. It carries an air cooled 4-stroke cylinder engine that gives up to 151.1mpg, making it both agile and light.


This is a modern day version of the Honda Cub. It has a single-cylinder and gives a fuel tank range of over 130 miles between fill ups. The Wave 110 delivers its power in a smooth manner and it has four gears.


Nothing adds to the fun and durability of a RUCKUS motorcycle. Its two-wheel, rugged looks give riders the assurances they need to buy that perfect bike, coupled with its sterling performances of 49cc motorcycle. Allow yourself to be engulfed in this sleek bike doing the things you like your way, while economizing on gas.